by Jennifer 26. September 2012 21:09

Cover art by Amber Clark of Stopped Motion Photography.



Very nice indeed.


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Jay Lake’s Process of Writing Non-Fiction Book Bought

by Jennifer 19. September 2012 12:02

Apocalypse Ink Productions has bought the Jay Lake non-fiction book Jay Lake’s Process of Writing. Based on more than a decade of Lake’s blog posts pertaining to writing process, Lake’s down-to-earth and in-the-trenches thoughts on what it takes to be a working author will inform and inspire all levels of writers.

“I've been thinking and talking about writing for a long time. Finally, I've been given the opportunity to organize those thoughts in a way that is hopefully helpful to both emerging writers and established authors. In this book you'll find some wit, some wisdom and a lot of my own learning curve, along with some new material to bridge it all together and make sense of years of public rambling.”

Jay Lake’s Process of Writing has been scheduled for release in May of 2013.


Karen Wilson Chronicles Bought

by Jennifer 8. September 2012 10:09

Apocalypse Ink Productions has purchased the Karen Wilson Chronicles by author Jennifer Brozek. The quartet of novellas is based on Brozek's Kendrick series, published in The Edge of Propinquity webzine. The series follows 911 operator Karen Wilson as her ordinary life in the Pacific Northwest is turned upside down by a cryptic supernatural phone call. The series is edited by John Helfers, and the first novella, Caller Unknown, will be out in November 2012.

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