Keystones is available for purchase!

by Jennifer 15. April 2014 09:36

KEYSTONES is now available at the AIP store, in Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.

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The Shadow Chaser is Available for Purchase

by Jennifer 14. April 2014 08:02

THE SHADOW CHASER is available in our webstore here or on Amazon here.

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Keystones cover art revealed!

by Jennifer 24. March 2014 10:10

I'm pleased to reveal the cover for the Karen Wilson Chronicles book, KEYSTONES, by Jennifer Brozek. The cover artist is Amber Clark of Stopped Motion Photography. This book and ebook will be released on April 15th. Here's the cover. Is it not wonderful?

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The Shadow Chaser cover art revealed

by Jennifer 17. March 2014 10:32

I’m pleased to announce that Larry Dixon is the cover artist for the Sheynan trilogy by Dylan Birtolo. The first book of the trilogy is THE SHADOW CHASER. This ebook will be released on April 15. Here’s the cover. Is it not marvelous?

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Last Day of the Holiday Sale

by Jennifer 2. December 2013 10:26

Holiday Sale!
Apocalypse Ink Productions Store
All ebooks are $0.99 and all domestic shipping is free.

If you prefer Amazon:

Caller Unknown, Karen Wilson Chronicles, Book 1, Jennifer Brozek
Children of Anu, Karen Wilson Chronicles, Book 2, Jennifer Brozek
Famished: The Farm, Gentlemen Ghouls, Book 1, Ivan Ewert

Jay Lake’s Process of Writing, Jay Lake
Industry Talk, Jennifer Brozek

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by Jennifer 28. November 2013 18:00


November 28-December 2nd

ALL ebooks are $0.99

All domestic shipping is free with the code: BLACKFRIDAY

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AIP Open Reading Periods

by Jennifer 23. October 2013 10:59

Read the submission guidelines fully—pretty please and thank you.

There are two open QUERY reading periods early 2014:

Jan 1-Mar 31: Linked novella trilogies. Dark speculative fiction/horror/urban fantasy. NO zombies.

Mar 1-May 30: Non-fiction book on writing in the internet age.

We’re starting with queries because the Creative Director, Jennifer Brozek, thinks she knows what she wants but is happy to be surprised by the unexpected (within the submission guidelines). Jennifer likes her horror subtle, creepy, and suspenseful. No splatterpunk. She likes her dark urban fantasy to make her believe it is happening around her when she walks out her front door and doesn’t realize it. No zombies. Seriously. No zombies.

Also, Apocalypse Ink Productions will be at Convolution in November. If you have any questions, feel free to ask Jennifer there.


JayWake Contest Winner

by Jennifer 1. October 2013 15:02

We are pleased to announce the JayWake contest winner is Karen Anderson AKA @WriterWay. Congratulations, Karen! We hope you enjoy the JayWake edition of Jay Lake's Process of Writing.

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Limited Edition of Jay Lake's Process of Writing books have arrived!

by Jennifer 22. July 2013 18:49

The special editions of Jay Lake's Process of Writing book, created for JayWake as a special release for the party, have arrived. They've been numbered and are getting prepped for this coming weekend.

Mena had to come check things out.


The interior art by Howard Taylor, used with permission.

Official release date: 15 Aug 2013

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by Jennifer 3. June 2013 10:27

CHILDREN OF ANU, Book 2 of the Karen Wilson Chronicles by Jennifer Brozek is now available.

Consequences of every action are coming home to roost.
When one darkness falls, another rises to take its place.
Sometimes, the new darkness is worse than the first.

In celebration, we’ve dropped the price on the ebook of CALLER UNKNOWN, Book 1 of the Karen Wilson Chronicles, to $2.99.

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