by Jennifer 25. July 2018 14:34

Sometime, long ago, Jennifer had the idea for an ABC book. It was dark, creepy, and awfully cute. However, Jennifer had no skill at art. Thus, A is for Apex sat in the "hiatus" file for years. Then Jennifer met Elizabeth. Jenn liked her art style. Jenn liked her. Jenn thought they might work well together. They auditioned each other on The Prince of Artemis V, a comic book version of Jennifer's most popular YA short story to date. Everyone liked it and they thought, why not do another project together. Rubbing her hands together, Jennifer asked, "Have you ever wanted to do an ABC book?" The gleam in Ellzabeth's eyes was answer enough.

Apocalypse Ink Productions presents, A is for Apex!

Learn the English alphabet with this one-of-a-kind book for the little ghoul in your life. Monsters, mayhem, graveyards, and a zombie named Oscar, mixed with a little bit of science, come to life in charming rhymes and illustrations. Each letter receives its own two page fun illustration to spark the imagination of you and your little ghoul. There are many details to be explored during every read.

This book is dedicated to all the little mad scientists out there, especially those who like the creepy stuff.

We hope you all love this book.

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Release date: 1 August 2018

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